What is “contextual advertising”?

Contextual advertising is a means of web promotion with target visitor receiving data according (or in the context) of his/her interests via the Internet.

How does it work?

  • Via advertising in search engines: a user makes an inquiry in a search engine (for example, in Yandex) and together with the search results he/she receives a number of advertising links related to the topic (or "in the context") of the inquiry. For example: "a tour to Egypt", and together with the list of top ten tour agencies there will appear links to the tour agencies that have paid for contextual advertising to be found by this inquiry.
  • Via advertising at targeted websites: a person enters a website with recommendations of those who already made use of the services (for examples, already visited Egypt as tourists), and the page contains contextual advertising of travel companies that offer tours to Egypt.

What are the advantages of contextual advertising?

  • It is cheap: an advertising campaign can be started with a minimum budget of 10 USD per month. The final cost of contextual advertising is defined by the topic of ads, the targeted audience coverage, the time and place of ad placement.
  • Its results can be easily tracked: the efficiency of each ruble spent on advertising can be estimated and analyzed.
  • It is targeted: an advertisement catches the eye of the visitor interested in a product (service). It results in low cost: there is no need to pay for ad display of roller skates to the person searching for latest movie reviews. Besides, ad display can be focused on additional parameters (geography, time of the day, etc.).
  • It is especially efficient at the start of a promotion campaign: the first phone calls can be received already within a day the advertisement was placed.
  • It is prompt: you can start and finish the advertising campaign any time you want, change its textual content, specify targeting, etc. Targeting in advertising is allocation from the audience of a group most likely to become your client.

How to arrange an advertising campaign?

At present there are several different systems of contextual advertising in the Ru-Net (the Russian part of the Internet), the main being::

  • Google AdSense,
  • Yandex Direct,
  • Begun,
  • Webalta.

These applications have their own features. For example, Yandex is more preferable to advertising of household goods and various services, while advertising for "technically competent" users works better in Google due to the difference in visitors of these search engines. Certainly, you can study all these details by yourself, but it is better to address experts. Besides, our prices for contextual advertising management are only 10 % from an advertising budget or make 100 USD per month. It’s up to you to choose a better option. We’ll provide you with all the necessary reports in the simplest analytical form.

When you order a turnkey website with our company, upon its placement in the Internet we can arrange a number of measures to optimize it including organization of contextual advertising of your website with a full range of accompanying services such as: development of advertising strategy, production of advertisements, targeting settings, monitoring of ratings, detailed tracking of results, analysis of visit statistics, arrangements of reports.

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